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Wine & Cheese

The Proper Pot - Wine & Cheese

Holy cow, goat, and sheep! We admit it, we’re obsessed with cheese at The Proper Pot. You may have already guessed it, though, from the size of our cheese counters. Both cheese and wine, with their centuries-old traditions, are natural products that are frequently consumed together.

Putting together the perfect cheese course or cheese tray is magical. Thankfully, it’s easy, too. There really aren’t any rules to it; just aim for a variety of flavors and textures. Try combining a blue cheese, a washed- or bloomy-rind cheese, a fresh cheese, a hard cheese, and a unique locally-made cheese. The great advantage of the union of cheese and wine is that they can be consumed in their “natural” state with little or no preparation. This makes them an ideal choice for quick snacks.

The staff at The Proper Pot will help you select and purchase the exact amount of any of our many gourmet cheeses. We can also help you pair your cheese with the perfect wine to serve at your next gathering. Wine enthusiasts will feel right at home among our extensive selection of imported and domestic wines. We also offer wine classes and wine tastings in our Brevard, NC kitchenware and cooking supply store. Ask any of our staff for more information.